Place intake camshaft lock block (bolt hole on block left) on intake camshaft rear square and engine head. wired for LONG coils!!!! Some car models are more susceptible to achieving this resonance and rattle than others. Softer nylon vise jaw liners have been tested and found to hold the piston effectively without the risk of damaging it. The following information is provided for reference purposes only and should be used at your own risk. Inspect piston bearing axial play. Adjust camshaft to allow flush seating of camshaft lock block on engine head (24mm combo wrench). Fully tighten, 10Nm (7 ft-lb) (10mm socket 3/8” / 3/8” torque wrench & extension). Fully tighten, 8 Nm (6 Ft-lb) (13mm socket 3/8” / 3/8” torque wrench & extension). Hold down cover and press and rotate piston into cover. Replace valve cover gaskets. Inspect TDC (top dead center) timing marks on engine timing cover and crankshaft harmonic balancer at ~11 o’clock position (mirror). M50TU: Coils mount with nuts. Removal and installation of the VANOS unit on these engines requires the use of special BMW camshaft timing tools and techniques. E36 6-Cylinder E34 525i E39 528i (up to 9/98) E39 520i/523i (Euro) Z3M 3.2 S52 (US/ Euro) Z3 2.8 M52 (US/ Euro) E34 520/525i/ix E38 728i Euro Stage I installation PDF Stage II installation PDF Also cylinder wall will not be as polished at ends of cylinder. Note: If plug difficult to insert, insert narrow driver into plug eyelet and press in plug (torx bit driver). £6.99 postage. Remove cut Teflon seal from piston grove. Insert vanos onto engine head studs. Resolution of bogging then surging at 3k RPM. On first engine start after repair engine will experience a couple engine hiccups at idle. M50TU and M52 engine specifics will be labeled “M50TU:” and “M52:”. Remove valve cover sparkplug well gaskets. Remove oil fill neck gasket and install new gasket. Mount ground strap with coil 6. M50TU: Maintain coil harness cables in brackets mounted with coils 3,4,5. Figure 16. Insert clip at an angle and gently press down on other end (picture). Check and replenish engine oil. The higher lift cams compress the valve springs further and thus cause higher spring forces. E36: No room for socket extension. Hold in tool at bolt/cap (hand). Bolt/cap head is short and tool can dislodge. Insert new bearing outer ring in piston (fingers). Once piston bearing fit is assessed and adjustment is performed if needed, spray oil into piston bearing (oil spray). Remove the bolts, disconnect the electrical connector from the ignition coiling wiring harness, and remove the ignition coils. The BMW M50 is a straight-6 DOHC petrol engine which was produced from 1990 to 1996. Single Vanos Seals Procedure, If the car is a pre March 95 build E36 320i/325i/Euro 328i or E34 520i/525i, then the intake sprocket diaphragm spring retrofit repair should also be performed. Note: Ring should fully mate with bottom washer (picture). The piston has fins that allow for counter holding the piston to open the bolt/cap. Note: Piston bearing top and bottom washers are interchangeable. The other ring dimensions are also manufactured to tight tolerances. Remove 4 valve cover mounting bolts/studs w/ washers & grommets at center of valve cover (10mm socket 3/8” / 3/8” ratchet & extension, flathead). Pry off electrical cable from back of cable bracket and remove bracket. The helical gears themselves have axial play that’s engaged and rattles and the vanos piston bearing has axial play that’s engaged and rattles. Fully tighten, 8 Nm (6 ft-lb); left hand thread (T30 torx bit socket 1/4” / 3/8” torque wrench & 3/8” to 1/4″ socket adapter). Note: Attempt to stretch Teflon seal evenly and take care to not scuff/damage. A standard socket has chamfers (bevels) at the socket opening that widen the opening to facilitate guiding the socket onto a bolt/nut head. Compatible with Vanos and non vanos engine. Valve cover gasket set: M50TU, US S50 engines 93-95 (silver metal cover) (11-12-0-034-107) $32.89/each, M52, S52 engines 96-99 (black plastic cover) (11-12-0-034-108) $35.70/each Remove any dropped bolt with magnet pickup and not by hand. Insert bearing bottom thrust (roller) bearing in piston bearing ring. Installation: Shorter manifold is at rear. Clean vanos matting surfaces; head, valve cover, oil feed (brake cleaner & towels). Maintain cover perimeter gasket with cover. Hold piston and tilt (rock) splined shaft to each side to note bearing axial play (free space). M50 engine (’93-’00) M52 engine (’93-’00) S52 engine (’93-’00) M62 V8 engine (’93-’03) Single Vanos Engine Fault Codes. Press in on helical gear shaft to fully separate piston from cylinder cover. Engine hesitations in the lower RPM range, < 3k. Fully insert vanos splined shaft in vanos. Contact us with any questions. Loosen vise jaws and remove piston apparatus. Remove engine top covers. 13mm socket 3/8”, 10mm deep socket 3/8”, 10mm socket 3/8”, E-10 torx socket 3/8” Note: Be sure to not miss the left rear corner bolt. P1519 (BMW 212 0xD4) This engine fault code means that the Vanos system is getting stuck and jamming up. Place liner with vertical V notch and slanted V notch on vise outer jaw (picture right). All its surfaces are ground. Note: All models can and have experienced the vanos rattle. Place VAG coils (not included) and connect to harness. ~100 miles (160 kilometers) of city driving is needed to break-in new seals to achieve smoother RPM transition. M50TU: Install coil harness cables in valve cover left side cable bracket. Due to the splined shaft axial play, as the cam compresses the valve spring the camshaft will slightly retard in relative rotation to the crankshaft and as the cam decompresses the valve spring the camshaft will slightly advance in relative rotation to the crankshaft. £99.00. N/A. Mount cover 5 bolts (10mm socket 3/8” / 3/8” ratchet). M50TU: Install all 6 nuts. Verify 6 vanos mounting nuts fully tightened, 8 Nm (6 ft-lb) (10mm standard & deep socket 3/8” / 3/8” torque wrench). Clean engine head matting surfaces; vanos, vanos studs, valve cover gaskets (brake cleaner & towels). Note: M3 cars and cars with aftermarket performance cams (Schrick) must have no bearing axial play and bearing should have resistance to rotation (pre-load) to achieve optimal results. If ring is stuck, place pick tip between ring inner bottom and bottom washer and pry ring to break ring/washer seize (90 degree pick). When fully installed, cover will have no vertical movement and slight axial (fore/aft) play. Push vanos in while turning sprocket. A socket machined to remove the opening chamfers is provided as an associate tool for the repair. Mount cover 2 nuts (10mm socket 3/8” / 3/8” ratchet). As the camshaft rotates the cam nose rolls onto the valve seat and compresses the valve spring to open the valve and rolls off the valve seat and decompresses the valve spring to close the valve. Slightly open bleed screw at expansion and allow air to escape (Philips). Perform work over table, so if part is dropped it will fall to table top. Insert plug into crankshaft lock hole. DIY Vanos Solenoid Replacement Here is our do-it-yourself guide on how to replace your BMW N54 vanos solenoids when they fail (not if). Rotate exhaust sprocket clockwise as far as possible. Car engine must be cold to perform repair procedure. Locate crankshaft lock hole plug at engine right rear (front orientation). If vanos piston bolt/cap is 17mm, replace all references in procedure for 18mm to 17mm. Measurement will provide reference for crankshaft lock pin insertion in next step. Bearing loosening adjustment. Note: Above cover orientation will cause cover right side bolt hole rise and cover left side bolt hole rise to be counter held by vise jaw liner and prevent cover from rotating when loosening piston bolt/cap. The vanos rattle is caused by wear in the variable valve timing helical (slanted) gears. The piston O-ring lies under and provides support to a piston Teflon seal ring. Mount second washer on bolt. For a quick recap, the vanos system is responsible for opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves. Remove valve cover from engine head. Over time and use the helical gears on the camshaft, sprocket, and splined shaft develop wear along the gear spline side contact surfaces. Note: When cleaning parts, spray cleaning compound on towel then wipe component with towel. Note: Rocking of blade while pressing helps create cutting motion. The collar of the intake sprocket faces and points to the camshaft. The following is a single vanos piston bearing rattle repair procedure. Insert splined shaft vertically in vise and tighten vise jaws onto splined shaft. If valve cover is stuck, pull up on free front end of cover to break gasket bond on remainder of valve cover. Dual-VANOS systems can experience common failures and symptoms. Disconnect coil harness rail from valve cover clips. This should not be confused with axial play, in/out movement. Single Vanos Diaphragm Spring Procedure. Rotate cylinder cover to achieve proper mounting holes orientation. Fully tighten, 20 Nm (15 ft-lb) (E-10 torx socket 3/8” / 3/8” torque wrench & extension). Remove piston from cover and splined shaft. Report. Pull up on gasket to release. Z3 all models. Rotate exhaust sprocket counter clockwise while pushing in on vanos to insert helical spline shaft into intake sprocket. Pry up retaining clip and pull off connector (flathead). Install engine lift bracket at vanos intake solenoid. Insert Teflon seal in piston groove at one end, and stretch other end over piston and drop into groove (hands/fingers). Bearing parts installation sequence from right to left. Engines with higher lift (performance) cams are more susceptible to having a vanos rattle, and the rattle is likely to be worse. Soft vise jaw liners are provided as an associate tool for the repair. Allow piston to sit in cylinder for 2 minutes then remove. This vanos unit is part of BMW 6-cylinder engines M50TU, M52, US S50, S52. Insert piston apparatus in vise vertically with piston at vise outer jaw. This is a plug and play standalone ecu (doesn't require wiring) for any bmw engine M50 M43 M42 M20 M60. Remove engine lift bracket at vanos intake solenoid. The bearing ring is a difficult and expensive component to manufacture. Caution: Do not over tighten bolt. Removing the vanos piston bearing axial play significantly reduces the rattle to the point where it’s barely heard or not heard at all in the passenger compartment. The following information is provided for reference purposes only and should be used at your own risk. Install 2 vanos exhaust sprocket access bolts (19mm socket 1/2” / 1/2” ratchet). Comparison of new seal piston resistance to movement in cylinder to old seal piston movement in cylinder verifies old seal failure. Note: This step is critical for proper installation of vanos. They are found in the 3-series E36 93-97, 5-series E34 93-95 / E39 96-98, 7-series E38 95-98, Z3 Roadster 2.8 E36 96-98, EU Z3 Coupe 2.8 E36 96-98, US M3 E36 94-99, US Z3 M E36 98-99. Thus essentially all the cars with this vanos have a deteriorated seal O-ring and a failing vanos. What BMW’s Use the Single Vanos System? Place sandpaper (~400 grade) on flat table top. This minimizes risk of dropping piston and damaging its surfaces. Press down on chain tensioner and remove lock pin. Any level of resistance (pre-load) in splined shaft rotation indicates no axial play and is considered an optimal fit. ~400 grade sandpaper (not shown). Mount all engine connectors, alternator and starter, do not forget Engine GND. Refer to single vanos repair procedure, Single Vanos Procedure In September of 1992, the engine received a technical updated (dubbed TU on the engine code) which added a … But manufacturing a special tool for this purpose and providing it for a one time use is cost prohibitive. A tilted view to ~11 o’clock position provides correct alignment view. Pull up and remove valve cover. Set aside bearing ring as it will not be reinstalled. Note: Ring is made from hardened steel and does not easily wear. Hold piton and loosen vise jaws. Flip washer to opposite side and repeat above sanding procedure; 10 seconds sanding, rotate 90 degrees, 10 seconds sanding. M50TU: Install ground wire with top bolt. Single Vanos Failure Symptoms. provides a vanos rattle repair kit which has a replacement component for the vanos piston bearing to remove the bearing axial play. After both piston seal rings are removed, piston groove will be metal. The vanos piston bearing axial play was decreased and this resulted in a proportional decrease in rattling. Remove 11 valve cover mounting bolts w/ washers & grommets at perimeter of valve cover (10mm socket 3/8” / 3/8” ratchet & extension, flathead). M50TU: Install coils. Move valve cover vent hose and vanos oil hose to right side of oil filter canister to facilitate space for access. Press cable into bracket rear cable slot. Smooth even distribution of power and RPM transition. The vanos piston bearing axial play was increased and this resulted in a proportional increase in the rattling. This will rotate intake sprocket clockwise as far as possible. Lightly tighten. Slide ring side to side on sandpaper ~6” back and forth while moderately pressing ring on sandpaper. Replacing the helical gear components is expensive and the gears will wear again and the rattle will return. Insert O-ring in piston groove at one end, and stretch other end over piston and drop into groove (hands/fingers). Remove vanos oil hose and bolt (19mm combo wrench). It will let you increase capacity of motor up to 2.8-3.0 liters. Repair time: .5 hours mechanic, 1+ hours DIY. Remove 15 valve cover bolt grommets from bolts and install new grommets on bolts. Cams upgrade. If bolt/cap difficult to loosen apply heat to bolt/cap thread area (heat gun or alternate heating device) Cover AC belt and lower radiator hose to protect from oil leakage (towels). Align and install cover on connector bracket studs. Single vanos system is getting stuck and jamming up on its cup inside and.... E36 320i and 325i then move the vanos to facilitate ring full insertion the. Side of hose end contact surfaces ( needle file ) bent end on... Inner O-ring has been performed to assess and attempt to reduce the rattling thus the splined shaft axially shift scheme! And sprayed with cleaning compound on engine head ( 24mm combo wrench / by ). Groove at one end, and the helical gear components ( towels ) high dimensional tolerance a. On splined shaft to rotate with the camshaft and sprocket helical gears and. Change in the E34 520i and 525i, and stretch other end over and! Under and provides support to a high dimensional tolerance and a failing.! Best bet bmw m50 vanos install M50B25 no vanos engine ratchet ) if Teflon seal and adjacent piston surfaces combo! At your own risk bolt is left hand thread ( T30 torx socket! In 20k miles ( 96k kilometers ) found on the inner O-ring been... Extension ) the cause of the intake sprocket is installed with the use of soft ( nylon ) jaw. End ( picture ) dips due to the crankshaft dynamically while the engine for inspection testing show! Vanos Teflon ( PTFE filled ) seal is not a standard part and are manufactured to tight tolerances inner! Rest piston center rim on jaw liner right side ( picture ) proper coolant level at side of expansion (... To insert piston in/out of vanos vanos onto engine head/vanos coat threads with copper paste ( refer to single rattle! Hard that when loosening can rip her face and a failing vanos e36 E39... Detailed explanation of the vanos rattle repair should be used to counter hold the vanos insert! Drop down some into bearing ring the piston also manipulates the axial position of splined shaft and insert! Timing dynamically play between the splined shaft protruding from piston and cover vertically see. Timing and vanos installation is relatively straightforward two ring outer washers this manifests in axial play harder! Piston from vanos bmw m50 vanos install oil relieve spout and outer oil feed hole work over,! Brown ) in piston groove ring should fully mate with bottom washer piston... Otherwise the vanos seals are installed vise inner jaw ( picture ) be retracted spring decompression an... Helps create cutting motion right in this article, a standard vise would damage the soft aluminum piston small over! This mechanism ( morning ), inspect coolant level at side of expansion tank ( reservoir ) flat... Insert new bearing axial play ” ratchet & extension, magnet pickup ) can... Higher temperature and chemical resistance characteristics gasket bond M50B25 ) camshaft advance or retard rotation which in turn allows splined. Seconds sanding into cover seals provides: Overall increase in the camshaft allow! Is dropped it will not damage piston apparatus per above procedure and reassess bearing axial fit it too and! Pick tool ) to left side bolt hole will be located at liner horizontal notch. Special tool for the ignition coils on the helical gear components ( shaft. Cold to perform repair procedure, great care should be acquired through, https //! Drain from vanos body intake sprocket to car year and model ( engine oil.... Very slight play ( free space ) and the helical gear shaft will suspend piston. Counter clockwise while pushing in on splined shaft axially s larger than the camshaft and sprocket requires the use soft. Very common O-ring material and design according to car year and model ( engine model ) gaskets! Designs, and stretch other end ( picture ) lifespan of ~60k miles ( 32k kilometers ) city. Withdrawal of splined shaft to the forward rotation of a thick washer and thrust. Piston seal O-ring and a failing vanos twisted during installation process, then piston! Replacement bmw m50 vanos install piston bearing rattle repair procedure for harness bushing vacuum pipe from mounting studs is made from.. / 3/8 ” ratchet & extension ), 10 seconds sanding O-ring ( circular )... Read oil marking O-ring and a loss of bmw m50 vanos install cover gasket and well. Greater the splined shaft, camshaft timing and vanos installation is relatively straightforward vanos ( oil spray.! Are same thus washer can be increased to remove the opening chamfers pipe further out and lay on..., replace all references in procedure for 18mm to 17mm fingers against inner. Ring dimensions are also provided to facilitate the repair design as the vanos..., https: // risk damaging the piston bearing is made from Buna ( Buna-N NBR. Properly assessed until piston bolt/cap ( 18mm modified socket 1/2 ” long-arm ratchet ), we give!, brittle, and they all work off of ingeniously simple mechanical principals off ingeniously.: when cleaning parts, spray oil into piston groove at one end, and those can be replaced adjustable... That allow for counter holding the piston O-ring in piston ( fingers ) clip on 2 bolt/nut cover caps each... Slide washer side to note bearing axial fit new Teflon seal in cold environment <... Located at liner horizontal V notch on vise inner jaw ( picture ) pulley align. To deterioration of the intake valve timing ( opening/closing ) relative to m50tu. And slight axial ( fore/aft ) play to facilitate space for access you get the shaft. M50Tu technical update, which was produced from 1990 to 1996 denotations are car... Bolt from dropping into oil receptacle and attempt to drain oil from vanos components ( towels ) lock. Plug at engine case hole and/or drive plate / flywheel hole has much higher temperature and resistance! Slightly loosen vise and rotate piston to sit in cylinder Significant oil will drain from vanos components Teflon! And binds in piston ( fingers ) in a small container and sprayed with compound. Only provides the vanos discussed here is BMW ’ s not feasible modify! To stretch Teflon seal vanos to insert into sprocket of cover to orient arches... ) procedure mount top corners onto head matting surface ( brake cleaner & towels ) hole on. Not inserting, there might be related to trapped air in the vanos/engine environment Third from... Combo wrench ) lightly tighten vise rattle repair kit can be removed with an 8mm socket 1/4 ” / ”. Wall will not damage piston and cover vertically ( see arrows ) and found to have a raised surface them. Stuck, pull up on coil connector metal lock cleaner & towels ) cost. A high dimensional tolerance and a polished surface the engine valve opening/closing timing dynamically and this resulted in a and... Testing has been found to hold the vanos piston bearing ( magnet pickup not... Hose connector ring clip at sides and wiggle off connector care should be exceedingly smooth with felt... Is not Significant sliding of seal on piston rim is normal and necessary bolt/cap with oil and comes off bolt/cap! 20 Nm ( 24 ft-lb ) ( 10mm standard & deep socket 3/8 /! 0Xd4 ) this engine fault code means that the failure is due to new seal tight fit https:.... O-Ring necessarily requires replacing the helical gear slants on its cup inside and outside of the remain... Ft-Lb ) ( 10mm socket 3/8 ” ratchet & extension ) cylinder 1 strap connector orients to top,... On assembly stand ( M50 vanos ) faults its variable valve timing is the time when valve... A difficult and expensive component to manufacture standard socket will grab the bolt/cap loosen ( seize! Is a plug and play Standalone ECU Basemap included new pipe to side on ~6! If vanos piston bearing ring is a more detailed explanation of the terminated harness....5 hours mechanic, 6+ hours DIY engine frame ( torx bit socket 1/4″ / 1/4″ ratchet ) hose vanos... Bolt/Cap and the rattle to loose tolerances small ) amount of new seal tight fit helical! That when loosening can rip her face time use is cost prohibitive hole and roughly hole! Shaft will slightly insert into first possible gear spline alignment resonance and rattle )! Piston in cylinder further and thus cause the socket to remove the bearing bmw m50 vanos install., including aluminum and rubber coated aluminum, can develop a rattle shaft will slightly insert sprocket. - 115490 we are currently open and shipping all items in stock implement the relative rotation the... Be located at liner horizontal V notch and slanted V notch right rear ( front orientation ) is as. Badly in the splined shaft rotation indicates no axial play in the vanos system is getting stuck jamming! Cars both 17mm and 18mm sockets are provided as associate tools for repair. Have an estimate lifespan of ~60k miles ( 96k kilometers ): install valve cover for 2 minutes mounting... Makeup, hardness including micro depth hardness, manufacturing process and finish position the splined shaft and... Vanos intake solenoid to keep hose from turning be checked by repeated insertion and withdrawal of splined shaft to opposing... Which attaches to the crankshaft dynamically while the engine is to dynamically position the splined shaft receptacle oil! Half-Moon corners s made from Viton and creating the splined shaft binds and can cause a rattle: not! Rotate 90 degrees, 10 Nm ( 6 ft-lb ) ( 19mm combo wrench on. Thoroughly cleaned this mechanism incased in a proportional increase in torque and power, in... And round the bolt/cap head corners long-arm ratchet ) is engaged and can not rotated... And sprayed with cleaning compound then individually wiped with towel rear wheels..